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By visiting our website and/or purchasing any product from us you become a user of our website and are bound by our services and our “Terms of Conditions”, “Terms of Service”, “Terms of use” or “Terms”. Agreed with. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Website Users, Browsers, Vendors, Customers, Merchants, Affiliate Programmers and/or Content Contributors.


You can read and understand our updated terms and conditions at any time by visiting this page. Therefore, you will be deemed to have agreed to any new features, additions or new sections of our Terms and Conditions.


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Chapter 1 – General Conditions: Product Price and Product Stock

The price of any product and whether the product is available or not depends entirely on the stock of the product. If any product or service is not available, Sajoni.com will inform you as soon as possible and suggest a similar or alternative product or refund the advance payment as per the refund policy. For details about our refund policy, please refer to the Refund Policy section.


By visiting our website Sajoni.com or our mobile app Sajoni or by making a purchase from the website, you agree that due to the nature of business, natural or global conditions, incoming stock or sold out, the customer may not be in stock of the product after placing the order. Similar or alternative products may be suggested, or the entire order may be cancelled.


The price of any product on our site may change without any notification or message. We make every effort to keep the prices on our site accurate, but prices may change over time. In this case, you will be informed before the order is sent for delivery and you can take or cancel the order if you want. Sajoni.com reserves the right to discontinue, change or extend any service or offer or delivery at any time. Sajoni.com shall not be liable to you or anyone else for such changes.


Chapter-II – Products

All our products are available online through Sajoni.com. Products may be in limited quantities, so returns and exchanges will only be processed in accordance with our Return Policy.


Sajoni.com makes every effort to accurately display or describe the color, size or any other variation of all products on the site and provide selection options. Then the color or size of the product may be different due to the user's device settings, device model, OS region or color calibration. Therefore, Sajoni.com cannot guarantee that the product will look like the product image shown on Hub Prahu site. If a product does not match the description on the website, you can return the product unused according to our Return and Replacement Policy. Furthermore, we reserve the right to limit stock of any product, change price or description without notice.



Chapter-3 – Providing correct billing and account information.

We reserve the right to refuse any order you place with us, limit the number of products on pre-order or cancel any order. This obligation may apply even if there is a same account, same billing address, same payment account, and/or same shipping address. In case of any order cancellation, product quantity limitation, product quantity cancellation, we will make every effort to contact the customer through the contact number or mail address in the placed order information. In the case of any special offer, we also reserve the right to cancel the order if we believe, through our observation, that any dealer, distributor or reseller has placed the order.


As a website user or customer, you agree to provide us with your complete and accurate account information on every order from us. In addition, as a customer, you agree to update your account information, email address, contact number and payment account details on a regular basis, so that we can complete your transaction and contact you promptly to provide products or services.


Customers cannot register multiple accounts with a phone number or email address or account information. Even if you can do so, you may not take more than one of our offers, discounts, deals, coupons or random offers and the submitted order may be cancelled.


Chapter-4 – Discount

Coupon codes, promo codes, discount offers, or signup offers essentially reduce the product's regular price. Discount coupons, gift cards will not be refunded, returned or exchanged after the order is successful. According to this policy, no customer created with the same phone number or email address can receive discounts or offers more than once. Only the main content of the offer will be written in the content of the promotional SMS or offer banner, the detailed terms and conditions are mentioned on the website, so there is an opportunity to check the terms before accepting the offer. Sajoni.com reserves the right to modify, change, extend or cancel any offer at any time without any prior notice.


Section 5 – Third Party Links

To provide the best customer service, there are some services that we provide, but in some cases, third party services may be available. In cases where we provide links to third party providers, entering the link will take you to third party websites with which we are not affiliated. If you use the service using these third-party website links, Sajoni.com is not responsible for any problems.


Sajoni.com shall not be held liable for any damage caused by third party products, services, resources, content, or transactions from these websites. It is advised to know the details of their policy before taking any product or making a transaction from a third party. Any product related complaint, claim, or question received from a third party shall be addressed to the third party.


Chapter-6 – Misinformation and Errors

Our website may inadvertently contain incorrect information about certain products or services. For example, typographical errors, misinformation, or errors, which may be in relation to any product details, prices, promotions, offers or product delivery charges or product stock. We therefore reserve the right to correct such incorrect information or make changes as necessary without prior notice. If you forget that the price of a product is abnormally reduced and you order that product, the order may be cancelled. For example, if the price of a product of 2300.00 rupees becomes 230.00 rupees, the paid order can be canceled and refunded.


Section 7 – Cancellation of Order

Sajoni.com always sells original and authentic products. Hence, any product is received from an authorized vendor and quality checked before delivery. Therefore, Sajoni.com reserves the right to cancel the order if there is any problem with the product after checking the quality of the product. Because we are trying to provide the best shopping experience to our customers. Besides, Sajoni.com reserves the right to cancel the order even if there is no product in stock or out of stock. Because, for some reasons, the product stock is not understood in advance. For example, due to unforeseen inventory issues, website management issues, vendor stock update issues or any other unforeseen issue or sudden increase in demand for a product and out of stock and any additional orders may be canceled and refunded.


Chapter-8 – Customer Provided Product Reviews


After the delivery of the product ordered on Sajoni.com, you can only review the product, you cannot review any product other than the product you ordered.


Section 9 – Prohibited Uses

Reasons for restricting the use of our website are described below.


(a) Use in immoral or anti-state activities.

(b) used to induce someone to commit an immoral act.

(c) used to violate any international, federal, provincial, or national regulations, rules, laws, or local rules.

(d) use to infringe our or anyone else's intellectual property rights.

(e) use to harass, abuse, humiliate, harm, defame, defame, disparage, or intimidate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, age, national origin, or disability.

(f) for supplying incorrect or false information.

(g) uploading viruses or malicious code that interferes with the normal operation of the Site and is used in any way that harms others.

(h) Use to extract personal information of others.

(j) to engage in prohibited activities such as spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape.

(j) used for any obscene or immoral purpose.

(f) interfering with or disrupting the Service or the Website or related Internet security features.


We reserve the right to terminate your service usage or account for doing these prohibited activities.

In cash on delivery orders, minimum delivery charges must be advanced/cash advance upon order confirmation. If the order is canceled by us or the delivery is not made within the promised time, the advance payment will be refunded to you. And if you do not receive or fail to receive the product even after reaching your address, then the advance payment will be considered non-refundable.


Promised Delivery Time:


In case of courier office delivery, the product will be delivered to you within 2-7 days of order confirmation. And in case of home delivery, delivery will be done within 2-10 days of order confirmation.


Delivery partner


We deliver the products through normally Pathao Courier and Sundarban Courier. However, product delivery is done through any other courier at your convenience. In that case you have to write in the note option of the order page, and you have to bear the actual charges of your chosen courier.


Delivery charges


In case of our delivery partners, the delivery charge is Tk 100-200 for products weighing up to 1-5 kg. For products weighing more than 5 kg, the actual charge of the courier and the actual delivery charge of your chosen courier are applicable.


Sajoni.com-Cosmetic and Beauty Products Online Shop in Bangladesh

Beauty care is important as it promotes self-confidence, self-expression, and overall well-being. A good beauty routine nourishes the skin, hair, and body, enhancing natural features and reducing stress. It fosters self-love and empowers individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

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Moreover, Sajoni's commitment to inclusivity and diversity is evident in its product selection, catering to individuals of all skin tones, types, and preferences. Whether you're a makeup novice experimenting with bold looks or a skincare aficionado seeking targeted solutions, Sajoni welcomes you to explore its diverse range of beauty offerings and discover products that inspire confidence and self-expression.

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Our basic features:

✅Product Features:
Sajoni.com has a diverse collection of health and beauty products.

✅Cash On Delivery:
We offer cash on delivery all over Bangladesh.

✅User-Friendly Website:
Sajoni.com is a user-friendly website where you can easily find and order your product.

✅Secure Shopping Experience:
We are dedicated to keeping customer information secure during transactions.

✅Monthly or Weekly Offers and Discounts:
We have special offers and discount programs where you can get your hands on products at special prices.

✅Club Points:
Our regular customers can earn Points on their orders which can later be converted into cash and deducted from the order price.

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